Housing Associations - Let Ins

Let Ins are committed to helping to find housing for people who need it most.

We understand that the number of empty houses across the region is a serious issue. The Empty Homes Survey 2010-11 estimated that over 85,000 homes in the East Midlands have been empty for more than six months.

Most empty homes are privately owned, and have fallen into disrepair with their owner lacking the funds and skills to repair and manage the property.

What can we do?

Let Ins understands that a 'home' is more than a house. A 'home' provides security, privacy, decent living conditions and links to a community.

We have built relationships with landlords across the East Midlands, who have pledged to help provide excellent affordable homes for long and short-term tenancies.

Homes in a poor state can also benefit from our help. Our links to highly-skilled local tradesmen will help renovate these struggling properties into excellent places to live.

As landlords ourselves. We have also built up a relationship with a number of private landlords in the East Midlands and the surrounding areas. A home is more than just a roof over your head. We provide homes, “A home is a place that provides security, privacy, decent living conditions, and links to a community. A home must be suitable to the needs of it's tenant – providing adequate space, affordable cost.” With the confidence that we can manage your housing needs.